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Table of Contents

Ultrasound Imaging (Sonography) Courses

1- Basic Ultrasound Course (Abdomen/Gynae/Obs Sonography)

Course duration: 6 Months / 3 Months / Short Courses

Demonstrate basic physics skills related to ultrasound waves that have a specific frequency and medium to travel into the depth of the human body. Demonstrate & apply basic skills in human anatomy exposures on ultrasound scan to diagnose various diseases & conditions.

2- Vascular Ultrasound (Colour Doppler)

Course duration: 3 Months

Demonstrate higher practical skills in basic physics of sound waves that use by vascular Ultrasound to measure the specific velocity of human’s body circulatory system and help to diagnose different blockages to analyze blood clots in arteries and veins.

3- Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

Course duration: 6 Months / 3 Months

Discuss the concept of ultrasound physics and to change the frequency of different transducers with the name of the linear array and different exposures of muscles and bones scanning. Demonstrate skills in applied anatomy & physiology of the human’s musculoskeletal system (Bone, muscles, tendons ligaments) using ultrasound scanning. Diagnose various musculoskeletal pathologies by applying Ultrasound & imaging skills ensuring patient safety, appropriate handling, probe selection & position.

4- Trans Vaginal / Endo Vaginal Sonography (TVS)

Course duration: 1 Month / 15 Days / 10 Days

This course aims the student’s to demonstrate & apply Sonographic skills in trans-vaginal scanning to diagnose various gynecological pathologies, normal anatomy of pelvic organs. The participants will have the command on knobology, scanning principals and selection of transducer and maximum image optimization during scanning.

5- Fetal Colour Doppler Imaging

Course duration: 1 Months / 6 Weeks

The Fetal Color Doppler Imaging is an intensive skill-enhancing training course aimed at equipping you to perform even better fetal scans. The course allows a better understanding of the evolution of fetal anomalies and their management. This course includes demonstrations, discussions and hands-on practice of normal and abnormal cases which will help you to understand the development of various anomalies and management of the same.

6- Advance Small Parts Ultrasound Course

Course duration: 6 Weeks

Discuss the basic principles of ultrasound equipment usage during scans. Demonstrate skills in neck, breast, and scrotum anatomy & physiology. Perform neck, breast scrotum ultrasound scan safely.

7- Echocardiography

Course duration: 6 Weeks / 3 Months

Familiarize the Health Professionals with basic techniques and fundamentals of Cardio Vascular Imaging.

 8- International Licensing Program

American Registry Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS)

Our courses have national and international recognition and after completion of the course the students will meet the criteria of an international licensing body American Registry Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) and allowed for licensing procedure. Students will demonstrate basic practical skills related to ultrasound physics, knobology and to have command on general abdominal scans, Obs Gynae application. The aim of this program is to prepare students for advance ARDMS licensing exam in ultrasound techniques and become the member of ARDMS having completed the ARDMS prescribed syllabus & examination requirements.

How to apply

 To apply to the MC College of Medical & Allied Health Sciences Ultrasound & Imaging (Sonography) programs, students must complete the application form which could be obtained from the admission office of the college.
Students may apply through the web Application Service online Apply OnlineSuccessful students will be informed to pay appropriate fee to confirm their place in the course before the start of the course.